UCM Cloud Lab

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Solution Overview

UCM Cloud provides industry-leading cloud collaboration services hosted by Cisco. With UCM Cloud, you can deploy unified communications in a way that makes sense for your business. Highly scalable and flexible Cisco cloud collaboration can free up resources to focus on strategic initiatives rather than provisioning and maintaining the collaboration applications.

Learn to use solutions from Kurmi and Yarnlabs to manage your UCM Cloud instance in an efficient and simple-to-use sandbox environment. You'll be able to try the solution and perform evaluation and testing in a production environment that mimics your own.

Goals & Objectives

This lab is sandbox environment designed to simulate a collaboration cloud. It features a fully operational Cisco cloud environment with two leading cloud management and orchestration products. There is no step-by-step scripted lab guide for this sandbox environment. Students are encouraged to try the Kurmi and Yarnman software in whatever way that makes the best sense for their environment.

The lab provides a basic introduction and then allows for:
  • Cisco collaboration system testing.
  • Kurmi functionality testing.
  • Yarnlabs Yarnman functionality testing.

Hardware & Software

This lab is sandbox environment consisting of a single cluster Cisco Collaboration Solution designed to simulate a Cisco Collaboration cloud. Kurmi and Yarnman orchestration and monitoring tools have also been installed to manage this Cisco cloud environment. 


  • Cisco Call Manager 12.5
  • Cisco Unity Connection 12.5
  • Cisco IM&Presence 12.5
  • Windows 10 Desktops with Cisco Jabber, IP Communicator
  • VMware Horizon VDI environment
  • Microsoft Exchange 2016
  • Microsoft 2016 AD/DNS
  • Kurmi Orchestration
  • YarnLabs Testmate