Solution Overview

VeloCloud provides a broad SD-WAN feature set including deep application recognition, categorization and policy treatments for traffic prioritization, dynamic path selection, and impairment remediation. It also enables scalable ease of deployment and management.

The VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud solution comprises the following key components: 
  • VeloCloud Edge – SD-WAN appliance or virtual network function enables SD-WAN in the branch; data center appliance is optional. 
  • VeloCloud Orchestrator - multi-tenant, cloud-based, centralized configuration, management and real-time monitoring of the SD-WAN solution. 
  • VeloCloud Gateways - multi-tenant and deployed at top tier network and cloud data centers around the world, providing the option for enterprises to extend VeloCloud SD-WAN technologies to the front doorstep of cloud services and resources around the globe. 
  • VeloCloud Controllers – multi-tenant, cloud-based control of on-premises VeloCloud Edges and VeloCloud Gateways. 

Lab Diagram