VMware Cloud Foundation

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Solution Overview
 VMware Cloud Foundation delivers
  • Next generation hyper-convergence
  • Radically simple operations
  • Enterprise class capabilities
  • Public cloud extension 

Goals & Objectives

This lab provides access to a live VMware Cloud Foundation environment with access to advanced features including Hybrid Cloud Extension.

  • Investigate Lifecycle Capabilites of VMware Cloud Foundation
  • Understand the difference between Management and Workload Domains
  • Utilize Hybrid Cloud Extension to live migrate a workload

Hardware & Software

Quick Specs:
VMware Cloud Foundation 3.8
8 x Dell R630 VSAN Ready Nodes
4 Nodes - Management Workload Domain
4 Nodes - Virtual Infrastructure Workload Domain
2 x Cisco Nexus 93180 Production Switches
1 x Dell 3048 Management Switch