VMware Cloud Foundation Essentials Lab

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Solution Overview

The VMWare Cloud Foundation Essentials (VCF) Lab is meant to provide a sample VCF environment for the lab user to walk through day 2 operational tasks related to upgrades and expansion of VCF. The lab contains all of the infrastructure and software pre-configured up to the point that the lab user can take over and perform those tasks.

Goals & Objectives

The goal of the VMware Cloud Foundation Essentials Lab is to provide the lab user a high level overview of VMware Clooud Foundation (VCF) along with a deep dive into VCF Day 2 operations including Lifecycle Management, Workload Domain Creation and Vrealize Suite integrations. The lab user will be able to walk through and perform these tasks on a virtual environment dedicated to their use.

Hardware & Software

This lab runs on Vcloud Director with the following configuration:

  • 1 x Windows 2016 AD/DNS/Jumpbox
  • 1 x VYOS Router for basic routing and BGP Peering
  • 4 x ESXi 7 Management Hosts running VCF with the below workloads
    • 1 x SDDC Manager configured for VCF v4.2
    • 1 x Management Domain Virtual Center
    • 1 x Management Domain NSX Manager
    • 2 x Management Domain NSX Edges
  • 3 x ESXi 7 spare hosts to be used for Workload Domain Creation
  • 1 x FreeNas VM for NFS Storage for Workload Domain