Solution Overview

This class provides an introduction to migrating application workloads from existing vSphere 6.x environment to VMware Cloud Foundation. For the purposes of this Lab, imagine that we are working on a data center consolidation project. Our source site is in Rheinlander, WI and our destination lab is in Brussels, Belgium. We have been tasked with migrating the application VMs from our source site to the destination site. 

Because we have VMware Cloud Foundation, we can use VMware HCX to migrate the application VMs without downtime, and without changing the IPs. Within this lab, HCX has been installed and configured. We will review the topology of both sites, then we will begin the process of migrating VMs and finish by migrating the gateway. At the end of the lesson, we will review the installation and configuration of the HCX appliances to see how this all works behind the scenes.

Lab Diagram