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VMware Tanzu Mission Control Fundamentals Lab

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Solution Overview

VMware Tanzu Mission Control is a centralized management platform for consistently operating and securing your Kubernetes infrastructure and modern applications across teams and clouds. VMware Tanzu Mission Control enables customers to manage Kubernetes clusters at scale in an automated and secure manner. VMware Tanzu Mission Control also provides the following:

  • Provision and manage lifecycles of Tanzu Kubernetes Grid clusters
  • Centralized Policy Management
  • Global Visibility and Diagnostics
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Integration with other Tanzu products such as Observability and Service Mesh

Goals & Objectives

In this lab, customers will be able to walk through VMware Tanzu Mission Control to demonstrate the pros, cons and caveats of Mission Control as it exists today, compared to not using the service and managing a Kubernetes infrastructure through another method.

Hardware & Software

VMware Tanzu Mission Control is a SaaS offering. All components of Tanzu Mission Control are hosted by VMware's Cloud Services.

A sample Kubernetes environment hosted within the ATC has been connected to Tanzu Mission Control for demonstration purposes.