VMware Workspace ONE - Portal Overview

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Solution Overview

Workspace ONE delivers the foundation of the modern digital workspace, simply and securely delivering and managing any app, on any device, from anywhere. Access control, application management and unified device management are integrated together to provide a holistic platform for empowering user productivity while maintaining enterprise security regardless of application, location or device type. 

The Workspace ONE portal provides access to virtualized Windows and Linux desktop and application resources as well as SaaS applications from an HTML5 browser. This provides a simple and secure method to access resources regardless of device type. Federation with multiple identity providers allows for access to different SaaS applications while only requiring one login to Workspace ONE through the portal.

Before you get started...

What are the drivers, roadblocks and benefits our customers are experiencing by adopting Workspace ONE for their digital workspace?

Goals & Objectives

This lab, Workspace ONE Portal Overview, provides a high-level overview of the Workspace ONE portal and provides a foundation for exploring additional services and functionality provided by the Workspace ONE platform. You will gain experience with the following:


  • Logging into the Workspace ONE portal
  • Viewing entitled resources

Hardware & Software

Cloud-hosted VMware Workspace ONE Identity Manager tenant