Opening doors for a new generation of tech talent

Opening doors for a new generation of tech talent

Our involvement with LaunchCode creates pathways to economic prosperity while simultaneously creating a pipeline of tech talent to help our business.

People do great things when they're able to pursue their passion. LaunchCode is a nonprofit that provides free tech education and job placement opportunities to those from non-traditional backgrounds. We invest in LaunchCode graduates through mentorship, training and hiring.




Fuel for our fire

Our Community Outreach objective is to build, retain and grow a highly competent, competitive and diverse pipeline of individuals who are capable of leading in the future. LaunchCode's training curriculum and recruiting methods accelerate this process, giving us a pool of skilled workforce we can tap into to continue to grow our business.


LaunchCode apprentices hired as full-time WWT employees to date.


Going through LaunchCode gave me the confidence to know that I can do it, and I can learn these new skills even without a background, without a bachelor's in computer science. Jillian Embrey | LaunchCoder turned WWT web developer

Strategic alignment and volunteer engagement

STEM Education

Workforce Development


Mock Interviews

Workforce Training

I keep being surprised — in a good way — by how much a person who is passionate about being in this industry can learn in a short period of time when given that opportunity. We've hired LaunchCoders who were baristas or forklift drivers — people who may never have known about this career or about WWT — who are now driving significant business outcomes for our customers. Nick Bimpasis | WWT Software Engineering Director

When you can't find it, build it.

As WWT expands into new markets, finding software talent can be a challenge. We're excited to be partnering with LaunchCode as we look to establish a presence in Detroit in 2022. With a modest investment from WWT, LaunchCode will recruit and provide its free tech training to those who seek it, giving WWT a talent-rich cohort of diverse candidates to join our team in the Motor City.

Diversity is critical to our success

We are proud to work closely with CoderGirl, LaunchCode's education program designed to engage and educate non-binary and those who identify as women, as we seek to further diversify our employee base. LaunchCode and CoderGirl are key to our broader Diversity & Inclusion strategy to drive shared value across our people, business and community.

LaunchCode students are:

Women or non-binary

From low-income households

People of color