Microsoft 365 Exchange Online Migration Services

In today’s world, an ever changing Workforce needs to be productive wherever they go. They want to work faster and smarter across their favorite devices, while staying connected and secure. WWT understands these needs, which is why we consider Exchange Online to be the core of all Microsoft 365 communication and collaboration services, providing the secure and resilient foundation necessary to support the demands of the modern workforce. WWT’s Microsoft Modern Work Practice specializes in Microsoft 365 - Exchange Online and has a team with decades of experience managing messaging platform transformations across an array of industries. Your existing messaging team can focus on day to day operations while our migration and modernization experts facilitate a successful transition that meets your organizational objectives.

WWT Delivers Messaging Transformation with Microsoft Exchange Online  

WWT has decades of experience managing messaging platform transformations across an array of industries, supporting several messaging technologies. Our proven methodology will ensure a successful migration to Exchange Online with minimal disruption.

WWT is a Microsoft Gold partner for Cloud Productivity, Collaboration and Content, and Communications, and we also partner with multiple Digital Workspace OEMs to provide our customers with a holistic platform and integrations to really unlock the value of an integrated collaboration solution. Whether your organization is looking to extend your existing on-premises Exchange environment to Exchange Online, transition from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 or merge two existing Microsoft 365 tenants, rest assured that our deep experience and OEM partnerships can enable a tailored outcome for your organization.

Complex Migration Scenarios

From multi-forest hybrid deployments to Tenant-to-Tenant migrations, WWT understands the complexities involved with various Exchange implementations in complex business structures. Our engineers are sensitive to the dynamic business landscapes of mergers and acquisitions and offer a variety of solutions for streamlining shared calendaring, collaboration, and shared namespaces.



Remediation of Failed or Incomplete Migrations

Over the years, as more applications and services have become increasingly dependent on or integrated with Exchange, even the most straightforward migrations can become overwhelming if not properly managed. With expertise in remediation of failed or incomplete migrations, WWT can stabilize your existing messaging infrastructure and provide a clear path forward to completion.


Large-Scale Migrations

With hundreds of thousands of mailboxes migrated to Exchange Online, WWT understands the challenges of large-scale migration projects. Using proven, repeatable processes along with careful project management, WWT reduces or eliminates the risks unique to large-scale migrations. While it is impossible to avoid every unknown, WWT incorporates specific checks into our processes to identify high risk elements and system limitations so there are no surprises. 

Traditional Migration Services

Email Migrations can be complex, challenging, and costly projects with many unknowns. Whether it is a Staged Migration, Cutover Migration or a Hybrid Migration, WWT utilizes a standard methodology with all projects.  This methodology combined with our vast experience, in-depth knowledge and willingness to go above and beyond for customers, ensures your transition to Exchange Online is as smooth and seamless as possible.


The WWT Approach

Our approach covers both simple and complex scenarios and through three distinct phases starting with a Discovery of our customer's environment while confirming the business and technical goals. We then follow with the development of a design of the solution. Finally, we then plan and execute the implementation, and weave in adoption services, change management and program management to ensure minimal disruption to the workforce and maximized success. Our engagement also ensures that we've addressed operational aspects of your messaging system, so your team can continue to build upon the solution.


The purpose of the Discovery phase is to gain a clear understanding of the project’s business and technical objectives as well as the current infrastructure. This phase is typically session based with interviews and some automation to gather environment details.

Conduct a source environment discovery of the following:

  • Business, Functional and Technical Objectives - Stakeholders
  • Active Directory
  • Source Exchange/Messaging system
  • Security and Identity
  • Network Review
  • Desktop, Mobile Devices and Personas
  • Change Management
  • Help Desk

Remediate any discovered blockers

Prepare the environment for Microsoft 365


  • Requirements Document: Provides a status of all requirements to migrate to Office 365.

The purpose of the Design phase is to tailor the solution to address the specific business and technical objectives. This is accomplished through a series of workshops. Objectives include:

Determine deployment goals

Develop Target configuration policies

Confirm Security and Compliance guidelines

Validated topology design

Identify monitoring and alerting capabilities

Define cloud-based management and Governance

Conduct messaging workshops to define and record key decisions:

  • Exchange Design Workshop(s)
  • Microsoft 365 Security workshop(s)
  • Core Enablement workshop(s)
  • Device Management workshop(s)


  • High-Level Design Document(s)
  • Low-Level Design Document(s)
  • Migration Readiness Report
  • User Acceptance Test Plans

The Deploy/Build Phase implements the approved Design and validates the component functionality and integration of ancillary application(s).


  • Build out the target environment to spec.
    • Azure AD Connect
    • EX Hybrid
    • Security & Compliance
    • Identity & Access Management
    • Governance
  • Implement all approved configuration settings
  • Executed Test Plan (Solution tested in POC/Production)
  • Implement all approved configuration settings
  • Prepare the service desk for upcoming migration
  • Provide Tiered support services to the community
  • Transition maintenance and operational tasks to customer or MSP. 
  • Detailed Delivery Plan (End2End Guide)
  • As-Built document(s) where necessary
  • Migration Approach/Procedure document

The Migration phase moves users from their source to target environment.


  • Pilot Implementation
  • Full-velocity Migration of users.

The WWT Difference

The WWT Difference

With 10+ Microsoft Gold Competencies — including Gold Communications, Collaboration and Content, and Cloud Productivity — WWT is well suited to help our customers deliver Microsoft 365 Exchange Online solutions. Our proven methodology mitigates risk, accelerates deployment timelines and ensures the end user community is fully bought into the end solution.

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