WWT Enables Data-Driven Solutions With Microsoft Azure Data Technologies

Microsoft Azure Data Platform Consulting Services

WWT helps clients through the journey of building a powerful data platform with best of breed Microsoft Data solutions like Azure Synapse, Azure Data Lake and Azure Databricks.

Accelerate your data journey with Microsoft Azure.

WWT pairs extensive data consulting experience with expert Microsoft Cloud architecture capabilities to enable data-driven business outcomes. WWT's Microsoft Azure Data Platform Consulting Services take the best of breed data solutions from Microsoft -- Azure Synapse, Azure Data Lake, Azure Data Factory, Azure Databricks, PowerBI and more -- to solve the toughest data challenges and deliver real business value.  

The service focuses on the following key areas:

  • Use Case Rationalization
  • Data Source Identification
  • Data Ingestion 
  • Data Storage 
  • Data Analysis 
  • Visualization 
  • Monitoring

Industry Use Cases:


A large Private University chose to work with WWT to design and implement a public cloud-based enterprise data store -- a pillar of a mature data infrastructure. Azure Synapse, Azure Data Lake and Azure Data Factory are the foundation for accelerating the university's data maturity journey.


When a Retail Client became fed up with managing multiple sources of data and inconsistent (and often incorrect) reporting, they turned to WWT to guide them toward data maturity. WWT helped to identify and rationalize the client's pain points and use cases and developed a strategy and data platform.  With an Azure Data Solution based on Azure Synapse, Azure Data Factory and PowerBI, the client can provide a better level of service by understanding customer behavior patterns -- all while mitigating safety risks and optimizing inventory levels.


WWT has been working with Healthcare Organizations for decades to create technology solutions that improve care and outcomes. As data becomes increasingly core to driving those outcomes, WWT is prepared to bring best of breed Azure Data Solutions help our clients navigate the complexities unique to the healthcare ecosystem including disparate, legacy data sources, proprietary EMR systems, and privacy and compliance concerns. Pairing advanced capabilities like Azure API for FHIR and SmartNoise (currently in Preview as of writing) with a well architected data platform based on Azure Synapse, Azure Data Lake and Azure Data Factory enable our healthcare customers to continue to innovate while maintaining strict privacy and compliance requirements.


A regional Financial Institution wanted to provide a higher level of service by understanding their customers on a deeper level. WWT came alongside the client to develop a data strategy and implement a robust Azure Data Platform -- utilizing Azure Synapse, Azure Data Lake and PowerBI -- to enable the institution's customers to achieve their financial goals.  

WWT's Approach

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, World Wide Technology (WWT) has a team of Microsoft certified experts that can deliver excellent customer outcomes from greenfield data platforms to complex multi-technology data projects. Across three phases -- Discover, Design & Deploy -- WWT will guide a customer through rationalizing their data use cases in order to design and implement an end-state data platform that exceeds customer expectations.

WWT's Microsoft Partnership

With 10+ Microsoft Gold Competencies -- including Gold Cloud Platform, Data Center, Application Development, Data Analytics and Data Platform -- WWT can provide the skills and expertise to push your data-driven solutions to the next level.

WWT's Microsoft Partnership

Microsoft Azure Services Portfolio

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