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Mobile Field Kit

Mobile Field Kit Threat Detection Platform


WWT's Mobile Field Kit (MFK) is a unique operations control and threat monitoring system that can be used at public events, places of interest and entertainment venues to secure the perimeter. MFK is a portable or fixed tool that is vendor-neutral and specifically designed to create a single view from sensors made by multiple manufacturers.

The platform visualizes information for a centralized security team by creating a map of multiple data types – from the location and health of security personnel, to the presence of nuclear, radioactive or chemical material – that are updated in real time. For those tasked with public safety, with responsibility to prevent and respond to suspected attacks, WWT's Mobile Field Kit significantly increases shared situational awareness and the ability to respond in a coordinated manner as events develop.

Collaborative Platform for Detection and Prevention

MFK is a state-of-the-art tool enabling public safety through early threat detection and prevention. Threat information, situational awareness and update alerts can be accessed by a central command center as well as via mobile devices or tablets on the ground. The user-friendly dashboard is designed to complement existing infrastructure, running on current mobile devices alongside a security kit including radios and cameras.

In complex and fast-moving scenarios, the technology offers the ability to acquire, store, assess and share information. This is possible both within teams and across organizational boundaries. Designed to perform in unstable environments, communication takes place over any available IP-based network, whether satellite, cellular or Wi-Fi.


Sensor Integration for Any Scenario

Virtually any kind of information source can be incorporated into MFK's advanced software. Whether it is data from security cameras, motion detectors or radioactivity sensors, the software is fully customizable to provide the most relevant information in different settings. It can be easily updated to reflect changing threats and new types and versions of sensors; WWT developers can typically integrate new sensors in under four weeks. The adaptable framework gives the platform utility in both current and future threat detection contexts, incorporating both legacy and modern devices.

Real-time Threat Identification

By linking MFK to remote sensors, security teams improve perimeter protection, monitoring potential threats across a wide area. Sensors, which can be fixed in position, aircraft-mounted, or worn by mobile personnel, create a multi-dimensional view of the protected location. Whether pinpointing instances of suspicious activity within a crowd, or identifying dangerous material of a radioactive, chemical, biological or nuclear nature, the information will look different depending on the type of sensors integrated into the solution.


Visualized Mapping

WWT's software visualizes sensor readings onto a map of the protected area, combining this with live situational awareness of security personnel on the ground. In the event of an identified threat, this resource and location awareness empowers timely and effective decision-making. Data is easily shared among agencies, empowering better coordination between authorities. Encrypted communication tools embedded within the software facilitate a clear action-plan to minimize danger and keep people safe. Wide-ranging visibility enhancement is a powerful asset in the fight to reduce crime and prevent terrorist attacks. MFK can improve the safety of security, law enforcement and counter-terrorism teams as they enter potentially hazardous environments.

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