Multicloud Consulting

A multicloud world requires a multifaceted approach, one that spans on-prem, off-prem and public cloud environments.

The tools, services and geographic flexibility of the cloud give organizations the ability to become more agile, innovate faster and expand into new markets.


Organizations that can unravel the complexities of where best to place applications and data can build and deploy applications more efficiently, apply AI and machine learning to data sets, and roll out new applications at global scale. 

  • Speed application time-to-market with a well-rationalized cloud services strategy
  • Simplify and secure applications through automated infrastructure and delivery
  • Enable innovation with a best-practices service architecture
  • Reduce costs by effectively using multiple cloud services


What We Do

Moving to the public cloud without a sound business reason is a common technology misstep. WWT’s multicloud consultants can help you avoid wasting IT assets by developing and executing a cloud strategy that furthers your business goals. 

By considering current processes, desired capabilities and how a cloud investment will impact every IT domain, our clients experience cloud for what it should be: a mechanism that yields tangible gains across the enterprise.



How We Help

Vision & strategy

Given the overwhelming number of tools and services for workloads on premises, off premises and in multiple public clouds, it’s no surprise that organizations often struggle to solidify a cloud strategy. Our multicloud consultants sit down with you to understand your business vision. Then they develop a strategy that incorporates the right mix of cloud tools and services to make that vision a reality.


Our services


Learn about the capabilities and benefits of multicloud. 

Our services


Schedule a Cloud Migration Readiness Workshop to learn how prepared your organization is to adopt cloud. 

Enablement & migration

We take the risk out of workload and application migration. Our AWS, Azure and GCP architects can create a secure environment in any cloud, while our data center and collocation experts can architect non-public cloud environments for optimal performance. But the right architecture is only part of the puzzle. We bring in networking, data management, security and application development specialists who make sure newly architected environments are supported by the right people, processes and third-party tools. 

Management & optimization

Cloud is a continuum that requires constant attention to detail to get the most from your investment. We help you gain a better understanding of best practices for cloud operations, from capacity and compliance monitoring to cloud automation strategies. We also help you simplify cloud consumption. Benefit from reduced manual processes, DevOps methodologies and more time for IT to focus on innovation.

Our services

  • Operations strategy
  • Cloud team structuring
  • Work intake strategy
  • Capacity monitoring
  • Defining cloud SLAs
  • Security and compliance monitoring
  • Cloud automation strategy
  • Shared infrastructure requirements


Learn how we can help you simplify your cloud consumption management. 



Our Work
We work with organizations across industries to onboard capabilities that only the public cloud can provide. At the same time, we help them mature on-premise and off-premise environments. This complete approach allows our clients to deploy differentiated services, securing their positions as market leaders. Here are a few of the highlights.
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Our People

Our Multicloud Team is staffed by former CEOs, business leaders and world-class architects. They’ve managed large IT shops, relocated data centers and steered application development initiatives. As our clients grow their cloud presence, they impart this experience, staying with them every step of the way. 

Meet some of our Multicloud leaders


Dave Sellers

Dave Sellers, General Manager
Multicloud Practice

As General Manager of our Multicloud practice, Dave leads a team of extremely talented cloud experts who help our clients with multicloud strategies, architectures and deployments. Dave has spent more than 25 years in the technology industry, with more than 15 years serving as CEO and president of multiple companies in the software and services market. Dave is a graduate of Missouri State University and holds a BS in Finance.

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Michael Johnson, Director
Cloud Strategy & Cloud Business Development

Michael joined WWT in 2018 to help build and lead our Multicloud practice. For the prior 15 years of Michael's career, he was focused on helping clients leverage cloud technologies to drive their business at a major cloud provider and at a leading national systems integrator.

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Michael Johnson
Joe Weber

Joe Weber, Director
Cloud Architecture & Engineering

Joe has been with WWT since 2011, where he started out by supporting DoD customers in a pre-sales capacity. Since then, he has been supporting our Sales and Infrastructure Services organization on the Global Engineering Team, covering networking, data center, automation/orchestration, cloud and enterprise architecture. Joe currently leads a team of six practices that focuses on multicloud strategy.

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