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How does the Cisco GEMSS contract differ from the Cisco ESI contract?




SMARTnet Next Business Day Hardware Replacement



SMARTnet 4 hour Hardware Replacement



HTOM (High Touch Operations Management)



HTTS (High Touch Technical Services)



CNS (Classified Network Support)



SWSS (Cisco Software Support Service)



TKL (Technical Knowledge Library)



CTE (Cisco Technical Education)



Unlimited Cisco DNA Essentials/Advantage for Routing



Unlimited Cisco DNA Essentials/Advantage for Switching



Unlimited Cisco DNA Essentials/Advantage for Wireless



CNS (Classified Network Support)



Asset Management Database



Engineering Services

By Mission

4 FTEs strategically located

We have WWT personnel here in Hawaii, will we use them for local support or are they separate from GEMSS WWT?

We suggest that you engage the core team from the Cisco GEMSS Training slides to begin. We may be able to utilize those local WWT personnel but we would like to first evaluate their roles and engagement within this GEMSS program to ensure alignment. 

What if we have current new hardware procurements in progress?

Continue forward with your procurement, but make sure not to purchase any Smartnet, SWSS, or DNA subscriptions as those are already provided through Cisco GEMSS.  You can add the hardware to the MCE portal when you receive the hardware.

Will all of the data from the ICRS accounts be migrated to MCE?

Yes, all data in the ICRS accounts will be migrated to MCE.

Will ICRS be migrated to MCE as-is? When will the transition from ICRS to the new system be completed?

Yes, the all information will be migrated as-is from the ICRS portal. The MCE portal should be populated by the end of August 2021. 

It took weeks for changes in JELA to show up in our accounts? How do we know if recent requests that haven’t shown up in our accounts will transfer to GEMSS as well?

All changes in the MCE portal will be live, as the administrative permissions allow.  Requests that are not finalized in ICRS will not be completed during the migration. The request to move, add, change, or delete gear can be accomplished in MCE once the migration is finished. 

If I need equipment from different BSOs, will each still be available to me?

Yes, equipment will be available based on Smart Account assignments. A Smart Account may be linked to various BSOs and UICs. 

Will the current install base from ICRS continue to have coverage under Cisco GEMSS?

Yes, the Cisco GEMSS contract is 100% coverage for Cisco hardware products.  

With the switch over from JELA to GEMSS, I lost access to my ongoing training on Digital Learning. Will that be restored or will we have to do something else?

Digital training is not included in the GEMSS EA.

Will the new replacement of ICRS have databases associated to each UIC without the chance of contamination from other entities?

All Navy GEMSS assets will be linked to the centralized navy.mil smart account. Under this smart account, there will be virtual accounts. The virtual accounts act as a container. Serial numbers for devices within a UIC virtual account will be assigned to that specific UIC and will not be shared or distributed across multiple UICs.  

How do we get serial numbers entered into Cisco TAC system when they are VM's? Many times we have to use another products serial number to get cases open because those VM SN's are just random characters.

There are a few options here. First, if the VM Is under the GEMSS contract and linked to your smart account, you should be able to open a TAC case using your smart account. The easiest option would be leveraging your High Touch Operations Manager and letting them take care of the case for you. They can be reached at donhtom@cisco.com.  

Will each BSO have their own set of admins for smart, virtual, and user account creation? If yes, is that a separate list that will be provided at a later time?

Yes, each BSO will have a POC who serves as the BSO Administrator. Please work with your specific BSO for that assignment.

Do subscription renewals for the SMART accounts get renewed automatically?

Yes, you will not have to do anything concerning renewals.

What if you do not have a navy.mil email account?

An account can be created without a navy.mil by contacting the Cisco or WWT team.  See the GEMSS training slide deck for POC information.

New Flank Speed email accounts are @us.navy.mil. Will those be automatically denied since they are not @navy.mil?

No, the account request will not be denied. The Flank Speed transition is being considered during this MCE transition. The update to @us.navy.mil will be included with the release of the tool. 

If I already have a Smart account with Cisco, do we need to have another Smart account?

Cisco will be working towards the consolidation of SmartNet accounts. 

Does the new Smart accounts consolidate both ICRS and SmartNet Accounts into one?

Similar to JELA, GEMSS will have a new contract number that will entitle all devices that were previously covered and displayed in ICRS. When your Cisco.com account is linked to the Navy.mil smart account, you will have access to your install base in the new tool. ICRS in its current state will be decommissioned and mce.cisco.com will replace it.

How do we know which UIC we are under?

UICs are specific to your activity. Your UIC can be found in your TWMS account. 

Can hardware be purchased through the Cisco GEMSS contract?

No, the Cisco GEMSS contract offers DNA software and SMARTnet.  Cisco hardware can be purchased using the Cisco ESI contract. Associated software should not be purchased at the time of hardware purchase. Rather, your Smart account will be requested and the software will be automatically included. 

How do we make a payment for new DNA licenses, will it be charged at next year renewal as we used to do for JELA SmartNet via ICRS?

The bill for this contract has already been sent to BSOs for payment using the same fair-share methodology that was used on the JELA contracts. 

If I'm behind on ICRS updates (devices RMA'd, etc), should I wait until migration to GEMSS before trying to make those changes?

Yes. We recommend making updates to your inventory after MCE goes live. 

What role does WWT play in the GEMSS EA and what access to customer info will they have?

WWT is the GEMSS contract holder for the Navy. They will have limited access to MCE tool and will be able to help guide you in account set-up, move/add/delete equipment and will be your first line of help with the MCE tool. Plus, check out their “Community Page” on their portal.  It will have a great selection of data specifically geared toward the GEMSS Navy EA.

Since the JELA “Missions” has been replaced with FTE Support on GEMSS, will the support be completed by Cisco AS or WWT PS?

The support will be completed by Cisco Engineers.

In the JELA contract 10% of Navy ICRS inventory was allowed 4HR response time. Is this also available on GEMSS?

No, the 4-hr response time is not included in the Cisco GEMSS contract. It must be purchased from the Cisco DOD ESI NASA SEWP Catalog.

Customers had access to Cisco TKL or PLL on JELA. Is this still available on GEMSS?

The TKL or PLL is not available on the GEMSS contract.

Will the Cisco GEMSS be limited to only DON "non-Enterprise" networks support? E.g., non-NMCI, ONE-Net, non-ISNS, non-CANES? (for Cisco DNA)

Not included in the GEMSS Navy EA are the following Programs:  ADNS, CANES, NSWDG, BUMED, NAVY NGEN, ONE-NET AND USMC.  Each have their own agreements.

Will we be able to make sub-orgs within the larger BSO organization like we could in ICRS?

Yes, the sub-organization capability will be available. 

Will resellers be requiring smart accounts in order to quote for procurement?

No, a Smart account will not be required for quotes. However, for purchase orders, they are highly recommended. By not including your smart account, you will need to manually have your assets added to the inventory. 

One of the biggest problems we encounter with JELA is the inaccurate association of devices. When orders are placed with an authorized reseller, will our Smart Accounts have to be provided in order for those devices to be added into GEMSS?

Yes. Smart accounts will help the automation process in order to accurately assign the equipment in MCE. 

Will removals from one BSO be done as a decommission? If the item belongs to another BSO within the Navy or if it is covered under a different JELA?

If the items are being decommissioned and removed from the contract, they will be done by assigning them to the decommission account. If items need to be moved to another BSO or UIC, you can reach out to Cisco or WWT to have those serial numbers re-assigned. If items need to be moved from the Department of Navy to another contract (i.e. NMCI, DISA, USMC), you will need to engage the Cisco asset manager. 

What engineering services are covered by FTE's under this new contract? Will the level of technical support be the same as in the JELA or will it be limited to a more rudimentary level of engineering?

There will be 4 full time FTEs contracted to the Navy. Two are focused on networking, one on automation, and one on security. Having dedicated engineers will enhance the quality of technical support overtime as they gain familiarity with the Department of Navy. However, there will be no more mission points, so the 4 engineers will be limited to how many engagements they can support. If additional support is needed, there are CLINs available under the ESI contract that can be used.

What do we do when one BSO/UIC is buying equipment for another agency that has their own JELA/GEMSS? Will a smart account number prevent the item from being entered into the Navy inventory system?

The new asset management system pulls data from Cisco sales tools. In this particular situation, the end customer would need to reflect the agency who will own and operate the gear, or by using the other agencies smart account. If the Navy is procuring and owning the gear temporarily, then transferring to another Agency, the asset manager will need to be engaged.

Will Cisco Digital Learning courses be discounted now for purchase since it was included under JELA before?

No. Digital is not part of the GEMSS Navy EA. Digital learning courses are available on the DOD ESI Cisco catalog.  The entire Cisco Global Price List (GPL) is located on the NASA SEWP site.

Does GEMSS cover other Cisco DNA e.g., Cisco DNA Essentials and Cisco DNA Premier?

GEMSS allows for the unlimited use of DNA Essentials and DNA Advantage.  It does not cover DNA Premier. DNA premier can be procured as an add-on to DNA advantage through the ESI contract. 

Will ISE, FMC, FTD be supported for GEMSS missions to assist in upgrades, migrations etc?

Yes. There will be a dedicated Security engineer as one of the FTEs who can help with security related products. However, these fall under Cisco’s security product portfolio, therefore licenses are not included as part of the EA.

Since Cisco DNA Advantage licenses are covered, do I need to purchase the DNA advantage license subscription when buying new Cisco equipment?

No, the DNA Advantage license subscription does not need to be purchased when procuring a new Cisco equipment. When the Cisco equipment is purchased, be sure to provide your Smart account and the DNA Advantage license subscription will be included.

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