by Kristopher Carr, TechTarget Guest Contributor

About the author
Kristopher Carr is the director of global security advisory services at World Wide Technology. He has served in the capacity of CIO, CISO, global risk manager and CTO and is a certified high technology crime investigator with over 25+ years of demonstrated success. He has proven executive leadership directing and integrating cybersecurity strategies to business outcomes, utilizing strong enterprise technology infrastructure design and operations experience. Carr has served with multiple international organizations and was responsible for enterprise cybersecurity infrastructure and manufacturing technology programs, incident response and risk management program development and integration, and local and federal compliance within the following industries: Department of Defense, financial services, insurance and manufacturing.

The days of debating cloud computing have ended. Most organizations are in the cloud, having migrated applications, data and services in response to advances in technology and recent business transformations.

As evolutions in consumer expectations and technology continue to influence how organizations collect, store and share valuable data, the job of protecting that data from existing and advanced persistent threats becomes even more complex.

CISOs must be ready to assist IT and security teams with the ever-changing world of cloud security. To help, here are three questions every CISO should be able to answer regarding their cloud security posture.



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