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The launch of ChatGPT in November 2022 set the stage for GenAI to dominate the IT industry in 2023.

Resellers, MSPs and IT consultancies wasted no time joining the party, harnessing GenAI to streamline processes either internally or for customers, acquiring or building extra GenAI capabilities, or even productising it.


GenAI move: Committed $500m to drive enterprise AI adoption

What happened?

$17bn-revenue global IT solutions provider WWT said in December that it is committing more than $500m over three years to driving enterprise AI adoption "at a global scale".

The investment will see WWT expand the capabilities of its Advanced Technology Centre (ATC) to include a lab environments "where organisations can try, test and validate AI applications unique to their business needs and use cases".

The ATC contains more than 500 racks of the latest equipment from vendors including AMD, Cisco, Intel, NVIDIA, Dell, Pure, NetApp and HPE.

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WWT will get the ball rolling on the first of its new 'composable AI labs' – housed within its ATC – in early 2024.

The AI labs are designed to help companies experiment, test and develop custom AI solutions before they invest time, money and resources in new technologies.

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