COLUMBUS, OH – January 18, 2023 – Aware, a leader in collaboration intelligence, security, and employee sentiment analysis, today announced a partnership with World Wide Technology (WWT) to deliver best-in-class collaboration security and people insights. Under the terms of the agreement, Aware is providing WWT customers greater insight into their employees' priorities, behaviors, needs and concerns, as well as the security, governance and compliance controls needed when rolling out collaboration technology.

The partnership will further the critical work of empowering employees and ensuring their voices are heard in the digital workplace. Aware's smart sentiment analysis enables business leaders to identify important trends and issues that surface inside of employee communications across multiple channels, cutting through the noise of collaboration to discover what matters most—and take an informed approach to positive change.

Aware and WWT will also enable organizations to implement security, governance, and compliance controls within their collaboration environments. These critical features satisfy legal and infosec demands to protect the digital workplace from insider threats, data loss and regulatory noncompliance. With Aware, customers can quickly and effectively perform eDiscovery, implement data holds and centralize retention policies across all channels and messages. Additionally, the partnership will introduce the necessary guardrails to make collaboration more secure and effective.


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