If the past couple of years have taught the IT industry any­thing, it's that businesses need faster returns on their IT investments and flexibility in the form of cloud-first offerings and Capex-based consumption models.

Jim Kavanaugh was among those CEOs interviewed by CRN. Here are his insights:

What is the biggest market opportunity your company will tackle in 2023?

As we move forward into 2023, we are anticipating a very erratic market due to macro-economic factors such as: COVID-19, supply chain, inflation, geopolitics, recession, workforce transformation, etc. All that being said, every company and leader will still need a plan to grow, scale and differentiate their business. A key tenant of that strategy will need to be digital transformation. Every business is now a digital technology business and will need a long-term digital strategy to bring new capabilities and solutions to life. Failing to do so puts businesses at risk of falling behind or being displaced altogether. Digitizing your business to create new paths to market, new revenue streams, new ways to scale, new ways to build culture and collaboration will be the new competitive weapon of the future.

My top priority for 2023 is:

Our culture. Over the years we have made significant investments in our business, but none as important as the investments we have made in our people, culture and leadership. And as we move forward, to ensure that we continue to deliver on world-class solutions for our customers and create a positive impact for our communities, we will continue to support our WWT employees and focus on building a great place to work for all.


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