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The company unveiled its Cisco Secure Access security service edge (SSE) offering, which will enter limited availability in July and general availability in October.

The offering steers application traffic to private data center and public hyperscaler-based points-of-presence destinations. 

Cisco executives said the Cisco Secure Access keeps users from needing to reauthenticate throughout the work day.

Patel compared it to plumbing. A thirsty person going for a drink of water does not manually select the type of pipe – be it copper or iron – through which they will get their water. They just want the water. Similar, Patel said users and IT teams shouldn't have to rearrange their "security plumbing" – be it zero-trust network access, VPN or direct – each time they access an app. 

"With Cisco Secure Access, we are removing the burden from the user and providing a superior experience with frictionless access to all applications — not just some — to enable secure, hybrid work," said Jeetu Patel, executive VP and general manager of security and Ccollaboration at Cisco. "Our unmatched visibility of the network gives us an advantage that no other company has — and we truly believe that where security meets the network, Cisco is the best in the world."

It uses threat intelligence from Cisco's AI-based Talos platform and embedded network visibility from Cisco ThousandEyes.

Enterprise Strategy Group principal analyst John Grady said security teams looking to deploy SSE will benefit from "integrated solutions that focus on simplicity, scale, and user experience."

"Organizations are deploying SSE for a variety of reasons, but improving security outcomes is arguably at the top of the list. Achieving this requires an emphasis on users to create a frictionless experience and simplifying security team processes to improve efficiency and ensure consistency," Grady said.

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SSE: A Partner Perspective

World Wide Technology is one of Cisco's largest partners. 

Neil Anderson, WWT's area vice president of cloud and infrastructure solutions, said Cisco's SSE strategy will help WWT's customers attain business goals.

"With Cisco Secure Access, our customers gain a simplified way of accessing both private, cloud and SaaS applications, private and internet resources, while transparently securing against threats and boosting user productivity while reducing frustration," Anderson said.


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