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World Wide Technology (WWT), one of the world's largest privately held technology innovation companies has launched an AI for Good initiative at COP28 in Dubai.

The programme plans to help one million climate tech entrepreneurs to drive a sustainable future through technological innovation for the good of people, planet and profit.   

AI for Good at COP28 

According to Accenture, 93% of the world's largest companies will fail to achieve their Net Zero goals if they don't at least double the pace of emission reductions by 2030. Yet, at the same time, in 2023, available funding for climate tech start-ups is decreasing.  

In response to the global lack of funding, WWT has launched AI for Good, a platform for the world's most impactful climate entrepreneurs working to solve COP28 KPIs. WWT and partners including Pearson and Open Innovation plan to develop an online education programme helping one million climate entrepreneurs harness the power of AI.   

Omar Mir, President WWT, said: "AI technology has the potential to accelerate positive outcomes in clinical trials, innovation, and scientific discoveries around the world by as much as 70%. We know climate solution startups need support to achieve COP28 goals and create a lasting legacy. That's why we're proud to be launching our AI for Good programme, to get AI to the people who need it most."  

The UAE's AI climate tech accelerator 

As part of the initiative, WWT is announcing access to its Advanced Technology Center (ATC), a leading R&D solution lab and innovation accelerator, with a new gateway located in Abu Dhabi. Entrepreneurs will be able to pitch their ideas to be involved in the AI for Good program and once approved, they will be incubated in WWT's ATC enabling them to turn their ideas into action. The move demonstrates WWT's commitment to investment in the UAE, COP28 and positive climate action.  

"Whilst globally there's been a decline in climate tech investment, there's been a 628% growth year-over-year in the UAE since 2018. In addition to this, $6bn has been invested from 189 individual investors in regional climate tech in the last decade. The UAE is clearly leading the charge and we believe this presents a huge opportunity for the region, and for WWT to accelerate climate technologies." Mir added.

AI Led Food Systems Innovation 

Food systems account for an average of 34% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and a third of food is wasted globally. As a result, the UAE COP28 Presidency has placed food system transformation at the heart of its COP agenda. WWT AI can transform those food systems to reduce GHG and drive efficiencies.  



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