Creating an Innovative and Customized Customer Experience

Bob Olwig, WWT Vice President of Corporate Business Development and Marketing, discusses the customized customer experience in this feature with Fast CMO.

September 17, 2019 2 minute read

Posted by Fast CMO in Issue #4, September 2018:

Bob Olwig has been in the technology industry for over 35 years, beginning as a programmer, before moving to software sales, consulting, and then as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for World Wide Technology offshoot Telcobuy.com. Bob is currently the Vice President of Corporate Business Development and Marketing at World Wide Technology (WWT), a company he’s been with for over 22 years.

Bob leads a team of marketers that leverage technology to create great customer experiences. “We expend a large amount of time as an executive team ensuring that we have a great company culture founded on a core set of values that we reinforce every day,” Bob says. “That really comes through in our customer experience. It’s in our DNA, and it’s really almost an unfair advantage.”

The industry has changed quite dramatically since Bob first joined World Wide Technology and today the Company believes “every business is a technology business” and has a relentless focus on talking to clients about their business challenges and how they can solve them to deliver better business outcomes.

In this interview, we take a dive deep into leveraging technology to improve customer experience and how today’s Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) can use their unique customer knowledge to improve the business.

What are some examples of initiatives you’ve implemented to create a better customer experience?

St. Louis, where World Wide Technology (WWT) is located, isn’t necessarily thought of as a destination tech city, but we’re changing that for our customers. In 2018, we’re on pace to have over 1,500 customer and partner briefings in St Louis. It’s amazing to have that many coming to visit us and learn about WWT.

During these briefings, which are typically one to three days, customers or partners will come to our office to work with us to drill down and solve their business problems. We leverage our ATC Connect app to create a totally personalized experience that is focused on the customer that is there with us. Customers can provide live feedback during their visit and tell us what is top of mind for them on that specific day via the App as well.

WWT's ATC Connect App

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