Creating #worldwidethx in November

In November 2015, WWT employees shared what they're thankful for by using the hashtag #worldwidethx.

October 29, 2015 40 second read

During the month of November, we’ll be launching the #worldwidethx campaign. This is our way to generate reflection on the past year and give thanks to all the people and moments that led us to where we are today.

We’re asking employees, customers, partners, friends, family and the like to share with us what they’re thankful for through the social media channel of their choosing. These posts can be short tweets, pictures on Instagram or Facebook, or even a video!

We’ll not only be posting what we’re thankful for, but also sharing some of your posts throughout the month.

Take a listen to the video above for more information about the campaign, and don’t forget to join us in November as we give #worldwidethx to our community, customers and partners!

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