When it comes to providing employees with tools and technology, does your IT organization follow a one-size-fits-all model, or lean to the other extreme where everything is a custom fit? According to David Rosenblatt, distinguished solution architect, digital workspace at World Wide Technology (WWT), organizations that want to provide the best employee experiences fall somewhere in the middle.

"The idea is to right-size your employee personas so you can evolve and be innovative while also delivering a fit-for-purpose set of tools and experiences," said Rosenblatt. "By standardizing on a commodity set of experiences, and then allowing variation in things that are differentiators for your business, you can avoid the tool and technology sprawl that keeps many organizations from delivering great digital experiences to their employees." 

WWT is a global technology solution provider based in St. Louis, Mo. and a sponsor of Reworked's virtual Digital Workplace Experience (DWX) Conference. During the conference, Rosenblatt will present the session, "Dynamic Persona Modeling: How to Personalize Employee Experiences Without Complicating IT." We spoke with him about how organizations can evolve their employee personas to ensure they're delivering the technologies and capabilities needed for outstanding employee experiences. 



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