Director of Enterprise Network Solutions Talks Automation With TechTarget

Dave Chandler, director of enterprise network solutions, comments on the benefits and adoption of network automation.

April 7, 2017

Posted by TechTarget on April 2017:

Automation for all

Automated networking isn't limited to web-scale companies like LinkedIn. According to Enterprise Strategy Group analyst Dan Conde, 44% of midmarket organizations -- those with 100 to 999 employees -- said they use network automation. Among large enterprises of 1,000 employees, 56% said they do also.

Dave Chandler, practice director of enterprise network solutions for World Wide Technology (WWT), a third-party reseller, said he sees a rapidly growing interest in tools to automate basic network tasks, such as those from Puppet, Chef and Ansible.

"Those tools don't really require you to change a business process, so they can be implemented very quickly," he said. "We see both small and large companies adopting [them]."

LinkedIn's Zandi stressed that network automation is achievable in any environment, with organizations of all sizes benefitting from consistent, efficient task management.

"Enterprises say, 'We don't have enough resources'; however, once you move to automation, you free up your resources to do more with the people you have," Zandi said.

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