Director of Enterprise Network Solutions Talks Automation With TechTarget

Dave Chandler, director of enterprise network solutions, comments on the benefits and adoption of network automation.

Apr 7, 2017 1 minute read

Posted by TechTarget on April 2017:

Automation for all

Automated networking isn't limited to web-scale companies like LinkedIn. According to Enterprise Strategy Group analyst Dan Conde, 44% of midmarket organizations -- those with 100 to 999 employees -- said they use network automation. Among large enterprises of 1,000 employees, 56% said they do also.

Dave Chandler, practice director of enterprise network solutions for World Wide Technology (WWT), a third-party reseller, said he sees a rapidly growing interest in tools to automate basic network tasks, such as those from Puppet, Chef and Ansible.

"Those tools don't really require you to change a business process, so they can be implemented very quickly," he said. "We see both small and large companies adopting [them]."

LinkedIn's Zandi stressed that network automation is achievable in any environment, with organizations of all sizes benefitting from consistent, efficient task management.

"Enterprises say, 'We don't have enough resources'; however, once you move to automation, you free up your resources to do more with the people you have," Zandi said.

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