The Society for Human Resource Management reached out to a field of experts, including those from WWT, to discuss the topic of proximity bias, a challenge some organizations are facing as some employees work remotely while others come to the office.​ Here are some methods and means companies can embrace as offices reopen.


by Arlene S. Hirsch

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Understanding the Impact

Proximity bias has lurked in the background for years at organizations that employ remote workers, but it has moved to the forefront now that so many people are working remotely due to the pandemic.

"There's a lot of incentive for organizations to address proximity bias," said Marissa Reed, a manager at World Wide Technology (WWT) in St. Louis. "The elephant in the room is the Great Resignation. Employees have so much choice and won't stick around if they aren't being treated fairly."

Prior to the pandemic, proximity bias was considered a legitimate evaluation for advancement, but that's no longer true, said David Rosenblatt, principal solutions architect at WWT. 

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