Employees Come Together to Make St. Louis a Little Greener

For the second year, WWT employees helped remove waste and recycle as part of the St. Louis Cardinals’ “4 a Greener Game” program

Jul 21, 2016 2 minute read

WWT gathered employees, their families and friends to form the second annual “Green Team” at Busch Stadium earlier this month. They participated in the St. Louis Cardinals’ “4 A Greener Game” program with the goal to promote recycling and collect recyclables at the game. The “4 A Greener Game” program began in 2008 and volunteers have extracted more than 4,500 tons of waste from the stadium trash disposal and local landfills.

The WWT Green Team took on the hot night beginning at 6:15 p.m. and worked late into the evening collecting recyclable trash from Cardinals fans.

“It was amazing how much trash and material we collected during the game,” said Ray Gardiner, a supplier operations manager at WWT’s Lakeview Technology Center. 
Gardiner added that it was really cool seeing WWT come together to help a greater cause and that he is thinking about turning a Greener Game event into a day of caring for his team.

Sarah Maurizi, a project coordinator for professional services with WWT, talked about how nice it was to see how much the public appreciated what they were doing.

“At the end of the game people were coming up to me saying thank you for recycling,” Maurizi said. “The ability to combine fun, new people and sustainability was awesome.”

Ann Eftimoff, corporate social responsibility manager for WWT, loved how the event brought together employees from a variety of departments and gave them the chance to meet others with similar interests.

“Employees from a wide range of areas in the company attended the event,” Eftimoff said. “It was such a great opportunity to work with employees in departments that I wouldn’t really have a chance to meet through normal work activities. It was a lot of work, but it was so much fun and I think the event truly helps to raise awareness and make a difference.”

Volunteers on WWT’s Green Team for the 4 A Greener Game included: Ben Catrett, Ann Eftimoff, Ray Gardiner, Bryan Haun, Debra Jordan, Athena Lee, Marie Manno, Sarah Maurizi, Amber McNeil, Mark Pitts and Paul Schellingburger.

Learn how to get involved in “4 a Greener Game” by visiting St. Louis Cardinals’ website.

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