eWEEK: Why Coronavirus Impact on IT Requires Immediate Planning

eWEEK NEWS ANALYSIS: You can’t just send your workers to work at home without the involvement of the IT staff, and that involvement needs to start well before the order comes out.

March 10, 2020 40 second read

by: Wayne Rash, eWEEK

By now you know about COVID-19, commonly known as the coronavirus, and you know that it’s wreaking havoc on any gathering of people, already leading to cancellations of conferences, sporting events and social gatherings. Those gatherings of people are now including people at work, leading authorities in the state of Washington to ask their employees to work at home where possible.


“What are the must-haves?” Joe Berger, senior director of the digital workspace at World Wide Technology suggests as the question to get you started. The answers to that question include effective communications, a way to participate in meetings, access to necessary tools and data, and training in how to use it.


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