via John Gilroy, Moderator Federal Tech Podcast

We are in a whirlwind of change. Data is pouring into federal agencies; some are extremely sensitive, some not so much.

A recent report indicated that data was growing at 25% a year; cloud usage at a rate of 61%; and Software as A Service an astounding 200%. Oh, did I forget to mention that Generative AI is also increasing data immersion?

It is one thing to worry about data from John's Doughnuts, and quite another to worry about sensitive military, financial, and health information that the federal government is charged to protect.

Data. gov estimates that 250 million data sets are being used by the public sector.

This increase in data has not been missed by the White House. On February 28, 2024, an Executive Order called "Protecting America's Sensitive Data" was issued. Recognizing that federal data needs to be protected has reached the highest levels of the government.

Today, we sat down with Adam Costello to have him share some of his practical knowledge of securing data. Adam begins by trying to figure out where these data sets are stored. Humans make mistakes, humans jump into shadow IT and create ghost data, and people do not understand retention protocols.




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