Federated Wireless, Inc., a shared spectrum and private wireless leader announced today a new partnership with World Wide Technology (WWT) to deliver turnkey private wireless LTE and 5G solutions to enterprises and carriers. The partnership brings accessibility, flexibility and simplicity to private wireless LTE and 5G consumption models.

WWT will package Federated Wireless' private wireless services with enterprise applications and professional services to deliver tailored solutions to its customers across industry sectors and use cases. The Federated Wireless private wireless bundles, backed by the industry's largest shared spectrum partner ecosystem, can include Federated Wireless' new Neutral Host 2.0 solution, enabling enterprises to extend cellular carrier coverage across facilities and cover wireless connectivity gaps.

As large enterprises look to deploy advanced automation technology and carriers seek to increase robust connectivity and data rates, flexibility and speed-to-market are critical. Federated Wireless' turnkey private wireless solutions and network expertise, combined with WWT's depth and experience in enterprise-grade deployments, eliminate deployment complexity. Together, they bring cost-effective, flexible, cloud-scalable, and secure private wireless solutions to the enterprise and carrier markets.

"Our customers require easy-to-consume Private Wireless Networking solutions, and we are excited to partner with Federated Wireless to deliver on those needs," said Bob Hrbek, Practice Manager for Wireless, Access, and Mobility at WWT.

The partnership will focus on enterprises with the greatest opportunity to innovate and implement digital transformation in areas such as manufacturing, logistics, mission-critical communications, workforce automation and more. WWT's Advanced Technology Center (ATC) will be leveraged to simulate multiple use cases within private network demo environments. ATC enables end-to-end solutions from inception to testing, staging, integration, validation, deployment, and managed solution capabilities.


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