by Alan Schwartz, Forbes

According to a recent survey from the Pew Research Center, only about half of U.S. workers say they are extremely or very satisfied with their job. Work satisfaction is correlated with compensation—workers with higher incomes tend to like their situation more than workers with lower incomes—but in general, there's considerable room for improvement on the happy-at-your-job front right now.

"We found an interesting disconnect in terms of how workers are experiencing their jobs," says Kim Parker, Pew's director of social trends research. "Most say they are highly satisfied with the human side of work—their relationships with their coworkers and supervisor. They are much less satisfied with their compensation and with the opportunities they're given for promotion or advancement."

If you're less than satisfied with your employer or are considering a switch, look no further than Forbes' fifth annual list of America's Best Employers By State. These aren't the best large or midsize employers nationally, but a deeper look at which companies are closer-to-home options for every American worker.

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Methodology & Findings:

  • Participants were asked if they would recommend their employer to others, and to evaluate their employer based on working conditions, diversity, compensation packages, potential for development, company image and more. 
  • Participants also assessed employers beyond their own. All surveys were anonymous to encourage candor.
  • The number of companies on each state's list varied by the size of its companies and workforce. Ultimately, a total of 1,392 organizations made at least one state list, with 269 ranking in multiple states.
  • World Wide Technology ranked 4th in Missouri and 17th in Illinois





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