by Carrie Charles

In this episode of 5G Talent Talk, host Carrie Charles chats with Tonya Stopke, Senior Vice President at World Wide Technology (WWT). Tonya shares her inspiring journey from humble beginnings to a leadership role, emphasizing perseverance, authenticity, and community support.

Tonya discusses WWT's evolution into a global tech leader, their pioneering work in AI, and their significant investments in staying at the forefront of innovation. She highlights the shift from 5G to AI focus at the recent Mobile World Congress and how WWT leverages AI for meaningful business outcomes.

The episode also covers WWT's commitment to strong company culture, diversity, and inclusion. Tonya offers advice for women in tech, stressing self-awareness, advocacy, and the importance of a supportive network. She shares personal experiences on balancing career and personal life, and her passion for empowering women in technology.


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