by Kyle Alspach

Long before Phil Venables got to Google Cloud, he had it on his mind that someone needed to fix the technology that powers security operations, the day-to-day work of monitoring and responding to alerts that is the heart of cyberdefense for many organizations. Ideally, they'd create a new security operations platform that would require less time spent managing data and setting up "plumbing" between tools.

At Google Cloud, Venables is helping to lead the initiative to do just that with Chronicle Security Operations, the cloud platform's most ambitious foray into the cybersecurity tools market so far. Venables, formerly the longtime chief information security officer at Goldman Sachs, is now the CISO at Google Cloud, which he joined in late 2020.

The successor to Google Cloud's Chronicle security analytics platform, Chronicle Security Operations is "a great boon for security teams in enterprises, because they don't want to have to do plumbing. They just want to see the output and actually protect their enterprises," Venables told Protocol in an interview. "And so I think that's going to be an immense change."

Today, Google Cloud announced the launch of Chronicle Security Operations in conjunction with its Next 2022 conference. The platform integrates Chronicle's pre-existing security analytics with new capabilities for automated response to detected issues, such as remediation of a compromise, from its acquisition of Siemplify. Chronicle Security Operations is now in preview.

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The acquisition of Mandiant, which closed on Sept. 12, brings a variety of upsides for Google Cloud's push into the security market, analysts and partners said.

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