What does it take to create a great workplace in an era defined by seemingly constant change?  

Join Fortune CEO Alan Murray as he hosts a panel of industry-leading CEOs during the Virtual Conversations series that explores the fundamentals of building a strong, people-first company culture that can lead during uncertain times. Murray is joined by WWT CEO Jim Kavanaugh, Great Place to Work CEO Michael C. Bush, Synchrony CEO Brian Doubles and Progressive Insurance CEO Tricia Griffith — each of whom have helped guide their companies to a spot on Fortune's 100 Great Places to Work list.  

Jim Kavanaugh during the Great Places to Work Series, hosted by Fortune's Alan Murray

Hear from CEOs about why you don't have to choose between great culture and great business, the importance of mental health support, the need for flexible hybrid work models, how to build high-trust cultures that foster high-performance teamwork and why empowering diverse groups within your workforce is a business multiplier for it all. 

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