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EnsembleIQ's Hospitality Technology (HT) today announces the winners of the 2024 Top Women in Restaurant Technology Awards and the 2024 Rising Star in Restaurant Technology Awards. The 2024 awards program is sponsored by WWT Digital, a digital experience consultancy specializing in elevating guest and employee experiences.

Now in its eighth year, the Top Women in Restaurant Technology Awards program honors outstanding women from both restaurants and technology suppliers for reimagining restaurant processes and operations while demonstrating excellence in leadership, inventiveness and skill.

"The Top Women in Restaurant Technology awards program celebrates the achievements of women across a diversity of career levels and roles," noted Robert Firpo-Cappiello, editor-in-chief of Hospitality Technology.  "We celebrate the contributions that groundbreaking leaders and innovative thinkers have made to our industry. Our greatest hope is that the Top Women and Rising Stars awards will inspire the next generation of restaurant technology professionals to dream big and aim high."

 "At WWT Digital, we recognize the invaluable contributions of women in shaping the future of technology, particularly within the dynamic landscape of the restaurant industry. By honoring women and their technological accomplishments, we not only celebrate diversity and inclusion but also inspire future generations to innovate and lead with excellence. We are proud to sponsor Hospitality Technology's Top Women in Restaurant Technology Awards as we champion the remarkable achievements of women who continue to drive innovation, foster progress, and transform the way we experience hospitality technology," said Katie Cain, Executive Director of Digital Programs, WWT Digital. 


Top Women in Restaurant Technology Award winners and Rising Star in Restaurant Technology were chosen by Hospitality Technology and members of its Research Advisory Board.


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