Posted by Channel Asia Singapore on July 17, 2018:

Channel partners such as World Wide Technology (WWT) are increasingly dealing with a myriad of competing products, saturating the marketplace and confusing customers in the process.

A confused customer is not a happy customer - as the saying goes - leading the global technology provider to innovate from within in a bid to add new levels of end-user value.

An example of this is WWT's advanced technology centre, enabling customers to evaluate vendor products before they make a purchasing decision.

Furthermore, WWT's offerings must integrate within the customers' technology ecosystem to ensure dealings are streamlined and simplified.'

"There is just far too many competing products in the market," said Nilesh Mistry, head of APAC, WWT. "It is hard for our customers to be able to evaluate these technologies."

In operating as a system integrator, WWT sees value in bringing such varied technologies together.

But market confusion is rife, meaning initiatives such as the advanced technology centre go along way in assessing the best approach to integrating solutions to deliver customer outcomes.

"We have been doing a lot of the heavy lifting for our regional partners, and helping to create more clarity through the utilisation of our advanced technology centre," said Mistry, speaking exclusively to Channel Asia.

"The focus is always on the business outcome and the impact these technologies will have for our customers."

Mistry continued by emphasising that the challenge is enabling such clarity, not just for the customers, but for the vendors as well.

"They [vendors] are already competing with each other and stepping on each other's toes," said Mistry. "To be able to provide that clarity, not only for our clients but also for ourselves, in terms of what is resonating well with regional customers."

In this regards, it is important that not just vendors and partners work closely together, but customers too.

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