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Welcome to I Love My Job, the series where we hear from women who really love their jobs. In this edition, we sat down with Becca Lubbert, a Management Consulting Analyst at World Wide Technology (WWT).

Ever since joining WWT, Lubbert has found that everything she'd heard about the company's great core values and culture turned out to be true! "People from leadership down are incredibly humble and passionate about what they do and value all voices at the table," she tells us. "The people who I work with across various teams at WWT are grounded, scrappy, super-smart, and really value people first… In my time here at WWT, my voice is heard and valued by all of my team, which I'm incredibly grateful for."


And, beyond that, Lubbert emphasizes how she's felt supported by WWT personally. For instance, she's able to maintain a hybrid work schedule that fits her needs. "I love the culture and people who I work with so much that I'm so excited on the days that I get to come in and work in-person," she notes. "I also find it to be really special that I get to work somewhere where my personal values align with the organization at large… It has made me not just a better employee, but the culture and core values of WWT have made me a better person and member of my community in my personal life as well."

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Can you tell us a little bit about your career journey and role at WWT?

Today, I'm celebrating my one-year anniversary at World Wide Technology! I work in the downtown Denver office, overlooking a stunning view of the Rockies. I'm a little biased, but I think I am in the best WWT office, and I'm so excited about where I get to live and work.

As for my work at WWT, the management consulting practice as a whole has a wide array of solution offerings (like cloud services and security services), analytics, and AI consulting. Since joining WWT, I have worked primarily on enterprise architecture offerings and supporting the high-level strategy and design and implementation of data center builds for client organizations.



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