by Mark Haranas, CRN

VMware CEO Raghu Raghuram is confident that his former boss, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger (pictured), can transform the semiconductor industry with his plans to make the world's largest manufacturing site in the U.S.

"He's a man on a mission, not only transforming Intel, but transforming the state of the chip industry," said Raghuram in an interview with CRN. "So as busy as I am, I'm sure he's even busier. So I have a great relationship with Pat, personally."

Furthermore, Raghuram says VMware and Intel customers as well as channel partners should expect to "see a lot of collaboration with Intel and VMware" this year and beyond.

"We have a great relationship with Intel as a partner for our technology collaboration both on the device side as well as on the server and data center technology side. We work with them on Project Monterey. We work in telco together. We work with them on the end user computing side. Also security, networking--you name it," said Raghuram.

Scott Miller, area vice president for World Wide Technology, a $13.4 billion solution provider powerhouse that's a global partner of Intel and VMware, said "any collaboration" between VMware and Intel is "very good for our clients and the industry as a whole."

"Think of the art of the possible with Intel at the hardware layer communicating directly with abstracted HAL [hardware abstraction layer] of VMware. Some really cool innovation could take place for performance and security that many verticals could derive benefit from," said Miller.

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