KMOX: Security threat from the skies - commercial drones

Megan Lynch interviews WWT's Andy Moser on how drones can be used to hack computers and airdrop contraband.

January 15, 2020 40 second read

by Megan Lynch

Commercial drones are becoming a greater risk to our security. KMOX found one St. Louis Company that's deploying technology to stop drone attacks.

Andy Moser, Consulting Solutions Architect with World Wide Technology says drones are being used for cyber attacks, or to smuggle weapons or other contraband into facilities such as prisons.

Moser demonstrated the technology with a test flight over World Wide's ATC - Advanced Technology Center.  The flight itself triggered an alert on his phone.  Inside, a wall-sized screen displayed video of the flight along with sensor data on the drone itself.

The anti-drone technology comes from World Wide Technology partner Dedrone (pronounced Dee-Drone) a developer of drone detection systems that use cameras, sensors. -- even radar -- to locate, identify and warn companies of drone activity.

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