SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 25, 2024 -- NightDragon and World Wide Technology (WWT) today announced a new partnership to help accelerate the go-to-market reach of NightDragon's portfolio of leading cybersecurity, safety, security and privacy companies, as well as drive increased customer integration and innovation around key technology areas through WWT's state of the art Advanced Technology Center (ATC) and Cyber Range.

WWT is a leading global technology solutions provider that enhances the value of technology products for its customers around the world through customized services like technology evaluation, configuration, integration, and installation. The company has a strong focus on cutting-edge innovation, including a $500 million investment in a new AI Proving Ground in the ATC where customers can compare, test, validate and train AI models in a secure and scalable manner.  

"WWT is a $20 billion powerhouse that recognizes the power of true innovation and can add immense go-to-market value to NightDragon portfolio companies. NightDragon is proud to partner with WWT to advance the capabilities of our portfolio companies and ensure the world's biggest organizations have the latest innovations needed to defend against today's rising cyber risk," said Dave DeWalt, founder and CEO of NightDragon.

NightDragon companies will benefit from preferred terms with WWT, including preferred onboarding, guidance, consultation on channel strategy and go-to-market delivery, and access to best practices. WWT will also help promote the sale of NightDragon companies' products and services to its customers, including leading Fortune 100 companies and an elite partner network, to boost portfolio market presence. Additionally, NightDragon will get unique access to WWT's ATC and its Cyber Range — a live-wire cyber threat training environment — to help its portfolio companies accelerate innovation, validate technologies, prospect new customers and aid in further business expansion. 

WWT, meanwhile, will benefit from access to leading cybersecurity, safety, security and privacy innovation through the NightDragon portfolio, enabling it to diversify its offerings into new critical market categories to supplement its core capabilities and give WWT customers hands-on access to the latest technology advancements. Additionally, NightDragon will set up its first NightDragon Innovation Program Office at WWT to support these efforts and drive maximum benefit for both WWT and NightDragon portfolio companies.

"WWT is excited to expand our innovation portfolio with NightDragon's leading companies in cybersecurity, safety, security and privacy, as well as work together with these organizations to help expand their technology and go-to-market capabilities. WWT and NightDragon are natural partners, and we look forward to seeing what we can accomplish together," said Jim Kavanaugh, co-founder and CEO of WWT.

WWT joins a robust roster of partnerships in support of NightDragon's proprietary NightScale value-add platform, which programmatically accelerates the go-to-market, talent, government services and marketing efforts of NightDragon portfolio companies. NightDragon will continue to add partnerships to this platform, as well as other resources for its portfolio companies, to drive continued success.


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