Principal Technologist Discusses Most Common Cloud Questions on Federal News Radio

In a radio broadcast with Rob Stein, NetApp’s VP of U.S. Public Sector and WWT’s Principal Technologist Rick Piña discuss the most common cloud questions.

October 20, 2015 2 minute read

In a radio broadcast with Rob Stein, NetApp’s VP of U.S. Public Sector, WWT’s Principal Technologist Rick Piña discusses a few of the most common cloud questions with other thought leaders.

The theme of the series is the data driven cloud and listeners send in questions for NetApp and their partners to answer.

The discussion was broadcasted on WTOP AM 1500 Federal News Radio in DC.

On October 19, 2015 Federal News posted:

The reduced cost, flexibility and scalability of the cloud have increasingly made it the cornerstone of government agency operations. Analyst firm IDC predicts nearly 90 percent of new spending on Internet and communications will be on cloud-based platforms in the next six years. The hybrid cloud in particular, which offers agencies the control and security of a private cloud while allowing them to leverage the elasticity and scalability of a public cloud, has gained favor across all levels of government. In fact, 41 percent of respondents in a recent CDG survey felt hybrid was the best fit for their agency compared to public (27%) and private (23%).

As the leading data storage provider to the Federal government, NetApp receives a steady stream of questions from agency decision makers about the cloud. We selected five of the most common, and offer some context and answers to those popular questions.

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