Retail crime poses threat to retailers re-thinking in-store experience

Matt Sebek, VP of Digital at WWT, comments on the recent surge in retail crime as the industry continues to introduce digital initiatives.

Mar 7, 2018 2 minute read

Posted by London Loves Business on March 7, 2018:

The latest British Retail Crime Survey is expected to report an increase in the direct financial cost of retail crime and the amount spent on loss prevention. Although a high percentage of retail crime is now cyber enabled, in-store theft still forms a major portion of retail crime.

This is happening as retailers are taking steps to re-imagine the in-store experience. With Amazon Go looking to open as many as six new stores in 2018, there are many ways that retailers are working to reduce queues and improve customer experience. According to World Wide Technology, the changing models often mean less staff on the ground, creating a need to re-think the approach towards retail crime prevention.

Matt Sebek, Vice President of Digital at World Wide Technology, comments: “The surge in retail crime as well as increased spending on retail crime prevention, needs to be met with a well thought-out strategy. New retail environments such as Amazon Go raise a host of new theft opportunities. Amazon have taken a high-tech approach, investing in face recognition and motion sensors within their new stores. However it is possible to thwart this technology – sometimes by simply wearing a cap over the face.”

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