SAN FRANCISCO, January 20, 2022--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Riverbed | Aternity today recognized top global partners during its annual Sales Kickoff event. The Partner Awards distinguished partner companies for their work in helping mutual customers maximize visibility and performance across networks, applications and end-user devices so organizations can fully capitalize on their digital investments and deliver an exceptional user experience. In total, Riverbed honored seven partner companies for their achievements in 2021, across various categories both globally and regionally.

The 2021 Riverbed | Aternity Partner of the Year Award winners included: Arrow ImmixGroup, Fujitsu, NTT, Orange Business Services, Red River, Trace3 and World Wide Technology. The full list of global and regional award winners and specific categories are below.

"We are thrilled to honor our leading Partners for their achievements in 2021. The Riverbed | Aternity Partner Awards celebrate their strategic role in our business and our mutual success," said Shaun Bierweiler, Chief Revenue Officer at Riverbed | Aternity. "Our partners delivered innovative enterprise solutions that help organizations as they shift to digital and hybrid work environments, providing better overall user experiences and business performance to customers."

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