by Daniel Valle for VanillaPlus

The drive to innovate is evident in all industries. However, each sector faces its own set of unique challenges. Therefore, those seeking to support businesses in their innovation endeavours must adopt a holistic approach. This should not only be business-centric but should also consider current customer and vertical alignment needs to their approach. By understanding the specific outcomes each industry aims to achieve, the right technology can then be applied, leading to genuine business transformation, says Daniel Valle, senior vice president, GSP International, at World Wide Technology.

With this in mind, we conducted research with industry leaders across healthcare, manufacturing and transportation from FTSE 200 companies in order to better understand the challenges they face when innovating and how service providers can better offer support. From this, it was clear that service providers' unrivalled connectivity combined with a clear understanding of businesses' verticalised ambitions would lead to genuine and profound transformation within the organisations.

In this article, I will explore industry leader's pain points, consider their vision for an innovative future and suggest investments that service providers can implement to support these ambitions.


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