Digital disruption is everywhere. The rise of automation, cloud, edge computing, data science and cybersecurity is rapidly shifting business models. 

How do we digitally transform to seize new opportunities given this massive market disruption?

To start, we must understand that every business is a technology business, and that every business needs an aggressive digital strategy to not only survive but thrive. Organizations must align business with technology, seamlessly connecting physical and digital experiences with the ultimate goal of delivering differentiated business outcomes.

When they do, they can create curated customer, patient, fan and employee experiences anytime, anywhere. This is the new norm.

However, the speed, complexity and business criticality of technology make it impossible for any single organization to realize these outcomes on its own. Today, digital transformation requires innovation, collaboration and execution.

WWT's ATC Platform digitizes connectivity between our customers, partners and employees to reshape how organizations digitally transform, and implement new technology.

With hundreds of technology companies brought together at, the ATC Platform includes tech giants like Cisco, VMware, Dell EMC, NetApp, HPE, AWS, Microsoft, Google Cloud, Intel, Nvidia and others, but also emerging technology companies entering the market. This technology ecosystem creates Silicon Valley in St. Louis and makes it virtually accessible 24/7 around the world. 

The ATC Platform is an innovation ecosystem that helps organizations reimagine how they design, plan and modernize their IT infrastructure. WWT consultants, architects and Chief Digital Advisors leverage this expansive innovation ecosystem to help our customers develop and execute their IT infrastructure strategy to deliver business outcomes. The ATC Platform includes experts in software development, DevOps Factory, cloud and big data analytics to enable these digital transformations.

When customers and partners engage, they are immersed in a learning platform that's at the forefront of what's possible. All levels of an organization, from C-level leaders to engineers, can accelerate their understanding of technology and its business impact by joining our physical and virtual ecosystem of innovation, research, community, hands-on labs and thought leadership. 

As more people join, it creates a multiplier effect of knowledge, speed and agility that accelerates digital transformation on a global scale. Together, we can capitalize on disruption and digitally transform to make a new world happen. 

Learn how your organization can take full advantage of WWT's ATC Platform.