by Jonathan Rose  –  Associate Editor, Denver Business Journal


What does it take to have a top-rated workplace culture? Well, we know this much after more than a year of remote work: It doesn't require an office.

Denver Business Journal celebrated the 2021 Best Places to Work at a virtual event on June 24, revealing the rankings and winners in the program where employees decide which workplace has the healthiest, most-engaged culture. Executives at most of those companies had their staff working from home in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Best Places to Work honorees found the key to maintaining an engaged workplace culture no matter where their employees were, and they reveal some of their secrets in this special section.

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Company: World Wide Technology

Category: Extra-Large

Rank: 6

Year founded: 1990

Website: wwt.com

Location: Greenwood Village

Employees: 210

Team's biggest 2020 accomplishment: In addition to safety and wellness, WWT leaders care about the job security and satisfaction of employees. Understanding that some of our lines of business would slow down as a result of Covid-19 and remote-working efforts, WWT made the bold decision to implement "workforce optimization" to ensure the job stability of our employees better. The Human Resources Leadership Team proactively reached out to teams to understand unmet needs. Upon gauging our employees' interest, whose jobs were vulnerable, team members were moved into new roles to contribute to the organization fully.

Company culture in three words: Trust. Inclusive. Innovation.


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