by Lucie Amberg

Last year, the data from Biz 417's inaugural Best Places to Work (BPTW) contest told a clear story. Overwhelmingly, top-ranked organizations offered a high degree of flexibility—in the form of enviable benefits like remote work and unlimited PTO. These are great perks, but they're particularly suited for certain types of businesses and careers, which left us wondering: What about everyone else? What about people whose skills and interests lead them toward professions that can't be performed remotely? What about people who crave the structure and camaraderie of a healthy office and aren't happy working from home? Aren't there wonderful workplaces for them, too? 

This year, the answer is clearly "yes." Organizations that offer significant flexibility still performed well; if your business can offer remote work, it's obviously a recruitment advantage. But the 2022 winners have more diverse work environments. Together, they paint a picture of a complex economy— one with many kinds of workers, services and workplace cultures.


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