by Lucie Amberg

Last year, the data from Biz 417's inaugural Best Places to Work (BPTW) contest told a clear story. Overwhelmingly, top-ranked organizations offered a high degree of flexibility--in the form of enviable benefits like remote work and unlimited PTO. These are great perks, but they're particularly suited for certain types of businesses and careers, which left us wondering: What about everyone else? What about people whose skills and interests lead them toward professions that can't be performed remotely? What about people who crave the structure and camaraderie of a healthy office and aren't happy working from home? Aren't there wonderful workplaces for them, too? 

This year, the answer is clearly "yes." Organizations that offer significant flexibility still performed well; if your business can offer remote work, it's obviously a recruitment advantage. But the 2022 winners have more diverse work environments. Together, they paint a picture of a complex economy-- one with many kinds of workers, services and workplace cultures.


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