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WWT welcomes local STEM educators for STEMpact initiative

On July 14th, WWT welcomed 30 STEM educators from local school districts in St. Louis for a presentation and tour of our Advanced Technology Center in conjunction with STEMpact.

STEMpact is a unique collaboration of St. Louis' top STEM companies, combining the resources and human capital of major corporations and leading academic institutions to help STEM education thrive in the St. Louis region. Founded on the belief that all students must have access to high-quality STEM education, STEMpact provides assistance to educators and school administrators though a summer training program and ongoing STEM workshops. WWT is one of several companies in the region supporting STEMpact, including Boeing, Monsanto and AT&T.

Our presentation focused on the rapidly evolving technology landscape and the unique challenges and opportunities today's students face. We explored the potential of wearable technology, artificial intelligence, video, virtual reality and even space travel.

WWT showcased some of our work with school districts including Hawaii Department of Education, St. Louis Public Schools and our work with the Howe Public Schools in OK with their Connected School Bus project.

Many of the teachers were 'blown away' by WWT and our culture, according to our survey responses. They also found the visit engaging with valuable insights they can use in the classroom.

WWT is highly committed to supporting STEM education through initiatives like the STEM Student Forum, Global Leadership Forum (GLF)and NAF.

To learn more about STEMpact and how you can get involved, visit their website http://stempact.org/.