Sustain.Life and global technology solutions provider, World Wide Technology (WWT) have partnered to offer clients a blend of top-tier technology and leading ESG services.

Comprehensive ESG programs are increasingly vital to long-term business growth and the wellbeing of people and the planet, but they represent a massive exercise in strategic planning and execution. To succeed, companies must build and execute an ESG strategy that aligns with business objectives—and technology platforms are an essential component to accelerate action tied to clear and measurable ESG goals.  

To help companies succeed, WWT is partnering with Sustain.Life to deliver an end-to-end solution to measure, manage, and report on ESG performance with transparency and credibility. Powered by a database of over 3,000 global emissions factors, Sustain.Life transforms operational data about companies and supply chains into actionable and auditable ESG metrics. With access to this data, WWT can build on its long history of combining strategy, execution, and partnership to accelerate transformational outcomes for businesses around the world.  

"When powerful ESG tech platforms like Sustain.Life are in the hands of thoughtful companies enacting meaningful, material change, it means they can have an impact exponentially faster. Coupled with WWT's commitment to making a positive impact on the world, we'll undoubtedly see the needle move in the right direction when it comes to emissions reductions and other key ESG metrics," says Alyssa Rade, chief sustainability officer at Sustain.Life.