by Doug Milne

Just 15 minutes outside the heart of Playa del Carmen, Mexico, is a proud place where young hearts and   minds are nurtured and developed. At first a source of hope, those who rise through the K'iin Beh School end up with purpose and an educated intent. That's good news not just for the Playa del Carmen community, but the worldwide community, too.  

In Mayan, the term K'iin Beh translates to "the way of the sun."

What began with 20 preschool children in its first year in operation in 2011, Ki'in Beh has ballooned into a thriving, yet humble, organization today, effectively growing the hearts and minds of more than 400 students—now all the way into high school.

A bilingual non-profit school established for local Cristo Ray community children in Playa del Carmen, K'iin Beh focuses not only on providing a solid education to local children, but more importantly, it instills in the students strong principles and values.

On Tuesday of last week's World Wide Technology Championship at Mayakoba, upwards of 60 students, mostly 10th and 11th graders, had the opportunity to meet with executives and staff members from World Wide Technology. Each representative headed a table of students, with whom they spoke together on a number of topics, from creating their own core values, to what a résumé is, and how to create one. By all accounts, the program was comprehensive, lively and interactive.

Among those in attendance Tuesday was Bob Ferrell, Executive Vice President, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and Public Sector Strategy at World Wide Technology. Ferrell is a retired three-star General who once served at the Pentagon as the Army Central Intelligence Officer.

The session was led by Ashley Harris, Manager, Community Outreach and Employee Engagement for World Wide Technology and also included Juanita Logan (Area VP, Global Corporate Development), John Crawford (Senior Director of Engineering, Global Enterprise Sales, North Central) and Cari Wilber (Area VP, Marketing).


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