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Great Place to Work® on pulling together for a better future for women:

With more than a year since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, many of its challenging consequences continue to impact the lives of individuals in every corner of the world.

What we now see as one of the most difficult outcomes of the pandemic has been its devastating effect on the career progression, mental/physical health and livelihood of women, in particular mothers, across the globe. For instance, data from Understanding Society shows that working mums were more likely to reduce their paid working hours to accommodate childcare needs than working dads (21% mothers vs. 11% fathers), and on average women spent around 15 hours per week doing housework while working from home, compared to men who spent only 10 hours.

It is obvious the pandemic has further exacerbated existing inequalities between women and men, with many experts fearing that COVID-19 could set 'women back decades'. If we are ever to truly fight against unfair practices and build a more equal society, we as individuals, work colleagues and employers must pull together and act! If there is one lesson we learned from the pandemic, it is that as business leaders we need to prioritise caring for our colleagues, accommodating personal conditions and understanding unique needs. At work, employees irrespective of their demographic background or circumstances should feel valued and supported. However, only by first identifying the gaps in workers' experiences can organisations truly take action to close them.

At Great Place to Work® we aim to promote those organisations who are playing their part in building fairer workplaces for all. Particularly this year, we focused on what women themselves reported about their workplace experience. After evaluating the data we were pleased to find that, even during the toughest times of the pandemic, female employees at Best Workplaces™ had a positive overall experience at work.

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