by Stacy Brown

The World Wide Technology Championship at Mayakoba on the PGA TOUR not only showcased some of the world's top golf talent, but Jim Kavanaugh, CEO of sponsor WWT, and his team also had the unique opportunity to promote and educate the importance of "a diverse, equitable and inclusive organization that fosters a sense of belonging."

World Wide Technology (WWT) is in its second year as title sponsor of the World Wide Technology Championship at Mayakoba, and the organization has dedicated a tremendous amount of their resources this week to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion initiatives that they will share to its hundreds of attending partners, clients, staff and guests.

As one of the largest minority-owned companies in the United States, its mission of enforcing diversity, equity and inclusion is rooted in the company's makeup.

"As a global organization, it is critical for WWT to look at the world through a different view," Kavanaugh said.

"As we continue to focus on the landscape of our global business, it is extremely important to understand the different cultures and experiences of all of our employees at WWT. Building DEI into the DNA of our company and our core values supports these efforts, but it requires vigilance.

"WWT is an organization that's growing quickly. As a result, we must be very intentional about ensuring that DEI is embraced at every level of the organization and that we have buy-in from both leadership and employees. A true DEI strategy will aim to ensure that everyone is given equitable access to opportunity."

WWT serves as title sponsor of the Advocates Pro Golf Association (APGA) Player Development Program.

Established in 2010, the APGA Tour is a non-profit organization with the mission to prepare African Americans and other minority golfers to compete and win at the highest level of professional golf, both on tour and in the golf industry.

As part of WWT's support, the top five eligible players from the final APGA Tour standings were brought to Mexico for the Monday Qualifier, including Trey Valentine, Kamaiu Johnson, Andrew Walker, Ryan Alford and Marcus Byrd.


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